Absent Policy

I am a very busy person.  I have lessons to plan and papers to grade.  I assign a lot of writing assignments and those take more time to grade.  I have a lot of responsibilities as PACE director, and those duties take time.  I also sponsor clubs on campus, including National Honor Society.  Many times students don't realize all a teacher has to do.  Dealing with absent students takes additional time.  Usually there is more than one student absent on a single day.  In order to make dealing with absence easier and less disruptive I will be following the following procedure:

When a student is absent:

  1. The student should check the website the day of his/her absence and write down what he/she missed.
  2. The day following the absence, (SCUSD rule is a student has one day to make-up work for every one day absent) the student should report to my room around 7:30 in the morning.  (I am a morning person, make-up needs to be done at my convenience.)  If a student arrives later than 7:45, it may be too late as I have to get ready for first period.
  3.  If a reading assignment is listed on the agenda for the day a student is absent and a student returns the next day, he or she is expected to have completed the reading assignment and will take the quiz if one is given over that reading assignment.


  • I will strictly follow SCUSD absent policy on make-up work.  If a student is absent, but does not come within the allowed day(s) for make-up work, no make-up work will be given.  For example, if a student is absent on Monday, present Tuesday, but does not inquire about make-up work until Wednesday or later, it is too late.
  • Some activities cannot be made up at home.  There are group activities and class discussions that lead to an activity that cannot be made up at home.

Thank you for your assistance in making this procedure run smoothly for everybody.